This activity
                        is supported by: The NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme


Registration for the “Emerging Technologies and Countermeasures to CBRN agents: Advanced Training Response to Conflict and Security Challenges in East Ukraine” to be held November 11-15, 2019 in Dnipro, Ukraine is mandatory.

You can register for the full conference or individual classes.

Please fill in the Google Form so we may determine which class we can place you.

You can also mark, if you are willing, to be placed on a stand-by list for classes.

On arrival at each day of the venue you will be required to register and present appropriate Identification and your invitation.

Priority placement in classes is based on affiliation to public service and government agencies representatives and instructors from recognized institutions.

The event organizers have the right of refusal without comment.

CBRN training classes on November 12-14, 2019 are limited to 60, reserved for State Emergency Service, military and disaster service personnel and if active duty military or emergency services, with the approval of your respective administrative staff.

You will receive notification once event staff determines if there is room available and you are eligible to attend the class.

Please fill in all the boxes on the registration form